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I was wondering if anyone has ever made a bundles. I want to take about 10 different Items with 10 of each and have it still subtract out of my inventory.

I would like to have it work as following: if we use 15 of the bundles it would subtract out 15 X10 of each. This is for Simulation training so we have 6 different Cohorts that will be using the same bundles.

What I have will work I just have to enter every Item for each time I use it.

Hopefully one of you can help?


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Hmm, if there are only a few bundles and these don’t change much, maybe you could create automations for this?

So you’d have a table called “Bundle Logs” or something, and in this table there would be the following fields:

  1. Name of the cohort using it (Or a linked field to the Cohorts table if such a thing exists)
  2. Bundle name (Single select probably)
  3. Linked field to the table you’re using to track inventory movement (optional)

And you’d then have an automation that would, on creation of a record in the Bundle Logs table, would create the appropriate records in the table you’re using to track inventory movement, linking each line item to the right cohort

E.g. maybe one of your bundles is called Bundle A, and it contains 3 each of Item 1, 2, and 3

When you create a record and select “Bundle A” in the single select and link it to the appropriate cohort, the automation would then create one record each for each item in the table you’re using to track inventory movement, with quantity and cohort set