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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi - I am brand new to Airtable so apologies in advance. I have set up A base with several tables, each with a date and time section for example time & date to do a viewing of a property and in another table time and date to prompt me to do follow up a phone call to a lead.

I therefore have several default calendars, one from each of the several tables, which is frustrating. I cannot see one single calendar view option / location combining all of those calendars from each table into one single calendar for the entire base. Also the calendars are just date only, but not the time as well, which for appointments is kind of crucial.

Are the issues I am experiencing because I am not on a paid plan while I am trying out the platform? Or is this just the way it is?

I just want one joined up calendar that syncs with my Icalender and that syncs both ways. So anything I put into my single Airtable base is synched to my Icalnder and everything I out in my Icalander is also singed to my base calendar.

Hope my ramblings make sense ?

Any advice more than welcome and very appreciated. Thank you in advance folks.

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