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Can a form be valued in airtable?

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4 - Data Explorer

Good everyone, I have a form in airtable that I use for the employees of the company to fill it in case they have an incident. The question is if the same form that they fill in, later they can evaluate their satisfaction with the response received, speed etc.
Thank you very much for your help, have a nice day!

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Hi Raul, to do that I think you’d need to create another table (let’s call this “Feedback”) that links to the original table

In the Feedback table, you’d create another form, and you’d then send your users a form link with a prefilled link field to the original form submission


  1. User submits a form
  2. New record gets created with record ID of “recK61q2OxcFuMJvQ”
  3. You send the user a feedback form URL that looks something like this:
  4. When the user submits that feedback form, their submission will automatically be linked to the record they created in the first step

More details on prefilled forms here