Can Button Labels be conditional?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Curious if there is a way or a work around to conditionally display two different buttons.

Use case: Different roles/jobs (each is a record) that are open for applicants at different times. Want to gallery view all roles/jobs, and display a “learn more” button that would take user to a job description page, but would like that button to be an “apply now” button that takes user to the application form for jobs/roles on which we’re currently accepting applications.

My first thought was create two button fields and then have a formula field that would pull apply now button in if applications open and pull learn more button in if applications are not open for that role/job/record. It pulls the URL but doesn’t pull the button.

Any thoughts? I wasn’t sure if you could write a conditional in the Label field of the field settings for a Button or if you could even reference another field as the Label…

Also wasn’t sure if there’s a better way to reference the data in the field of the record so that the button and not just the URL get pulled from the button field…

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @Mary_Alice_Moore!
No, you can not use conditional labels for a button. You can use conditional formula for it’s function, but that’s it as far I know and have tested. (I’m after that function as well.)

Correct. The label for a button cannot change based on field values. You can also have the formula for an “open url” button open a different url (or be disabled) based on field values. However you cannot have a button invoke totally different actions (e.g. open a url versus run a script.)