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Can I create multiple SendGrid blocks for different email templates using the same API key?

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I’m using Airtable as an Applicant Tracking System (far more advanced than the template they give us to start out with) and as part of that I have to send Rejection emails or next step emails. I want to create a sendgird block for each email type so I don’t have to keep changing the subject and content over and over again and I was wondering if I could use the same SendGrid API key to do that or am I supposed to request another API key, one for each block.

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I’ve had the same issue. Pretty bad it seems to me if you can only send one email template per API key. I’d expect to have a library of templates then pick the relevant one for a particular grid view, but all using the same block.

same problem here… any responses to this? thank you!

Glad I’m not alone. They really need to sort this.

Think I may have sorted this. By duplicating and then modifying further SendGrid blocks they all use the same API key. Then you can create different emails which apply to different grids, referenced by each different block.

That’s awesome! Will try this out!

Airtable Devs: can you add template feature for single block? It would be so amazing !