Can I evaluate field content on uniqueness?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Say I have a table in which each record has a Single Line Text "Notes" field with content like this:

  • Monday
  • Good Friday
  • Tuesday
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Good Friday
  • Tuesday

I want to find all records where the Notes have exact matches, in this case for Good Friday and Tuesday, and display them together.

I figured I'd have to add a field to check for uniqueness somehow and then filter for non-unique records, but I'm not sure how to do this. 

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use Group (by that field) - Collapse all


Also, you can sort. Or use methods described HERE

Thank you Alexey! The sorting brings me a little closer to what I wanted, but I would like to ONLY display the records that have friends, as it were. And the grouping won't work because I want this for a gallery view. 

Right now I could use those methods to manually go through and mark records as "duplicates" in a hidden field, since it's not a lot of data. But I was wondering if it's something that can be automated, so I can create views with only the duplicates. 

I would use fourth method from link above (link to new table). But in order to dynamically support it, you should provide each new record to put value into linked field. It may be done during record create process or you can setup automation for that. Linked table should have count field, which you can return back by lookup. You can use lookup built-in filter (count>1) or use usual table filter 

Thank you very much for the suggestions! I think I'll be adding an "this record has a match" field manually as the least complicated solution, but it's good to know what else is possible.