Can you move a table to a different base?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Can you move a table to a different base?


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There’s no way to directly move a table to another base. But you can always copy a table to another base. There are a couple ways to do this.

  1. Export the table as a CSV, and then create new table in the target base via CSV upload

  2. Select the entire table (ctrl / cmd + A) and copy it (ctrl / cmd + C), then paste it (ctrl / cmd + V) into a new table in the target base

In both instances, however, you will have to re-create the Field Types for certain types of fields, such as Formulas, Linked Records, Lookups, etc…


Thanks for your response. I did end up doing option #2 last night, and recognized the limitation on the field types. It was still certainly better than re-keying all of that information.



Appreciate the references. It appears that this has come up before by another user.

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7 - App Architect

Hi all, I just did the copy table, paste method as suggested by OP. You no longer need to reselect all the field types. If you have data in the table you don’t need to re-add the value lists either!

You’re a lifesaver. I had so many files to transfer, and this was seamless

Thanks for this. I would like to move all the data from one table to a table in another base so that the forms on the target table refer to the newly migrated data. Is that possible? It’s sort of like a dev to prod migration: I have a table in a base we have to retire and I’ve created a copy with a form view in a new base. I now want to move the data from the original table to the new table that has a form view.
Should I delete all the records in the target table and then paste in all the records from the original? Will that do it?

I think it should do work just fine, if your new base matches the structure of the old base.

You can always make a copy of your new base and test this first.

Thanks. I may have answered my own question as I was asking it.
What I’m doing is building a new production version with new features like the form view. So, I made a copy of the original and then started added stuff. The plan was to copy the original into the new base as a new table until I realized that the new form would not be linked to the even newer table. But, if i just replace the data in the new table, the form should still function as it does in the development mode.