Capturing data from a Form for TV series

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4 - Data Explorer

I require a client to advise me of the show name, ep & series number and duration of each ep they are sending me.

I've created a form which works great but only for a single entry. I need them to be able to do bulk sending of this data

I know I could create fields for Ep 1,2 3, etc and separate duration fields for each ep to help capture the detail via a Form but this seems inefficient and some TV shows have 100s of eps and multiple seasons. Is there a better way to approach this which allows for a Form to capture the ep number and its corresponding duration for an entire season of a show?


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Hmm, depends on how your client's data is set up, really.  For example, if your client can send you stuff in the format:

[Show name] - [Series Number] - [Episode number] - [Duration]

And so they'd end up sending it to you like this with a comma separating each episode:

[Show name] - [Series Number] - [Episode number] - [Duration],[Show name] - [Series Number] - [Episode number] - [Duration],[Show name] - [Series Number] - [Episode number] - [Duration],[Show name] - [Series Number] - [Episode number] - [Duration],[Show name] - [Series Number] - [Episode number] - [Duration]

Then you could just use an automation to paste the above into a linked field, which would give you one record per episode.  You could then use formula fields to split out the data

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks Adam,

The idea of using the Form for data input was to aid the formatting and standardizing. They normally just send me an email with the details in the text body which I then parse out manually. Trying to get them to use a Form so it just automatically populates the Base without me needing to massage it first. 

I think the new version of on2air forms can do this by entering related data for a single record.