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4 - Data Explorer

I have a base that tracks students, grades k-12. I have a status field with a label of the student’s grade level. I would like to have a formula that changes the status to the next grade level at the start of a new school year. For example, a student whose status is Kindergarten for a given year to be changed to 1st grade the next school year.

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Hi Jerry,

To solve the problem by using a function first of all you have to create a nested if function. Then you have to put your status labels in the true parts of the function. Also you have to use an other field on which you will keep the growing process.
The conditions you will create will run on date data in order to compare the today with the date of new year starting, so when the today()= starting day then status will be updated.
For any further help please feel free text me back :slightly_smiling_face: