Charts group by dates doesn't show all dates

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to show a chart where records are counted and grouped by week. Nevertheless, the weeks where there are no records do not show on the x-axis. I would have liked these weeks to appear on the timeline with the value 0 rather than not showing up at all, which is misleading.

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Welcome to the community, @Itamar_Weiss.

The chart has no concept of records (or days or weeks) that don’t exist in your Airtable system.

So, if you’d like certain records to appear on your chart, you would need to create those records in your Airtable system.

However, once you do that, you won’t be able to use the “count” function for your chart’s Y axis anymore, because it would add up those new records into your count.

Instead, you would need to switch to the “sum” function for your Y-Axis, and you would want to sum up a field that would yield “1” for the records that you want it your count and “0” for the records that you don’t want in your count.

This field could just be a simple formula field that results in either “1” or “0” for each record. Then, use that formula field as the field you sum up.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

The chart has the concept of timeline, since it groups by a date column. And the problem is, that if a certain week doesn’t have any records (if grouped by week, for example), it doesn’t show on the timeline, instead of showing a value of 0, which is misleading.
I would expect the chart to show a value of 0 for time buckets that are empty. Otherwise, it’s impossible to tell that there are weeks without any record.

I’m talking about a bar chart BTW.

Is there any way to mitigate that?

I already answered your question above, and I already told you how to mitigate it. You just repeated your exact same question in your reply. I already gave you the answer.