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4 - Data Explorer

Is it possible to create a conditional checklist? I’m doing a literature review and want to keep track of what PDFs I’ve already uploaded. If an article has had its PDF uploaded, I’d like a box to be checked so that I can easily sort out which papers I still have to find and upload and which ones I already have. I’m not sure how to use the ‘IF’ function for this. Any suggestions?

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You could use the IF + Emoji technique. Anyway, what is your base structure?

Thanks! That’s what I ended up doing. I’m new to Airtable so I’m still figuring things out. The base structure I’m using is from the ‘Book Catalogue’ template.
I’m trying to make a database for a literature review - so a list of 600-odd articles organized by author, year, journal, language etc. Each article will have to be read and have a form completed for it - trying to figure out how to best do that. Any tips are appreciated!