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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

One of our uses in Airtable is as a company-CRM
I new around but as far as I know - we can’t share bases or workspaces…

How can I have the company-CRM data to Automatically copied to the CEO-personal-CRM?

I don’t mind using automation-tools as Zapier or Integromate but:

  1. It looks like a tone of operations/tasks
  2. I can’t have a trigger for up-date field
  3. It would never be back to back :confused:

Please give me a hand…

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Hi Yuval,

You can share bases and workspaces between people. Have a look at this article about permissions.

I think you might be confused with the fact that we can’t LINK two bases together.

You already have everything together in one base, so it sounds like all you’re missing is a permission so that your CEO can view/edit the same base as you and then also, for his convenience, create a view with just his contacts. Would that work?

Thanks a lot Nathalie,

What we wants do to is kind of duplicate the CRM…
every new record or update has to happen on both DBs

Is Automations tools are the only way? to I have to trigger almost every field to get everything back to back?