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7 - App Architect


I am trying to build a text database that will allow me to work in modules, Often times the same text section appears over and over. My hope is to change only that section and it will update, wherever it’s being used.

I am at the very beginning. Let’s say I have:

MODULE 1 - Richt Text Field with a couple of lines
MODULE 2 - Richt Text Field with a couple of lines

Somewhere else I want to combine M1 and M2 into one text.

At the moment I am trying to do that with Record linking fields. I’m not sure if that’s the right approach. Firstly I can not control whether M1 should be first or M2. Secondly all Rich Text Formatting disappears in the process of merging the two with a formula.

Do you have any ideas on how to best approach this?

Thank you!


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Hi Tobias,
You can combine text with a Concatenate formula.

Create a new field that is type Formula and add something like:

Concatenate({text1}," ",{text2})

@Vivid-Squid Part of the problem is that all of the formatting is removed when the rich text field is used in a formula field, or any other calculated field.

@Tobias_LGKR There is no good workaround to for retaining the rich text formatting when combining rich text fields. Here is one option:

Place all text in their own records. Use linked record fields to indicate which modules should be combined. In the linked record field, order the linked records in the desired order. Finally, have a script copy the text from the individual linked records into a new rich text field of the main record. Scripting is one of the very few ways to access the raw markdown text that retains the formatting information.

Yes, that is the problem, indeed. Hmm, scripting would work, yes, but not a very plug and play method to combine text elements. Seems there is really no way to do this…