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4 - Data Explorer


i have some diffrent Sheets in one file.
Now i like compare the rows. If duplicates in the sheet, i want to delete them from one of the both sheets.

How is that posible?

With Sheet i’m meaning this image

Hope someone can help me.


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There are several threads discussing this, but I’d ask you which is your use case, and what are the Tables you want to deduplicate.

I suspected that a much better approach is to use Views and have both Listings in the same Table, and that’s why I asked (and there was no answer). That is a much better reply than just explaining how to deduplicate (what is not easy, at least ant the moment, 3 years ago).

Nonetheless, I left the link to several threads to find the solution (I didn’t know which of them has the solution as I was not the author, just came to my head that the case existed before). It makes no sense that I search it, nor explain it again if the instructions already existed.

PS: How does you message helps the user?