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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, is there a way to connect several fields. I have several fields: dress name, dress style number, dress retail price, and dress wholesale price. Is there a way that when I enter the name of the dress in that field, the base can fill in the other fields with the accompanying information?

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If whatever table you’re doing this in is linked to a table with all your information Dresses, the {Dress Name} field could be a Link to Another Record-type field, and {Dress Style}, {Dress Retail Price}, and {Dress Wholesale Price} could all be Lookup-type fields.

That means you only have to define that the style and prices for a dress are once, in the [Dresses] table, and every time a dress is mentioned inn another table it will automatically pull in the other information.

Thanks Kamille,
I’m new to airtable and very excited to use it. I understand the concept you describe, but is there a manual which would have directions to implement it?

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You could start here.