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Connecting tables only one way

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I want to achieve the following, wonder if it’s possible with airtable
I have an ongoing table of data, which I’m updating daily,
I want to share this data with other users so they can add their own data into it but also get the updates I add daily into their table,
in another word, there is a table AA, which updates daily,
there are some user tables, which are based on the table AA,
Users need to be able to add data into their own table but there is a need to import all the updates from table AA into the user’s table.

does this sound doable in Airtable?

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Hi @Moeen_S and welcome to the comunity!

Do you mean “table” or “base”?

it could be any, no differences as long as I can share it with others and they could get the updates

Adding their own data will only be possible if you (a) give them access to the base or (b) use a platform like Stacker.

How many users are we talking about here?

if I give them access to the base, they could be able to edit the data that I entered, which I don’t want.
I never heard of Stacker, I’ll check it now, thanks for the suggestion.
not so many, maybe 50 people.