Correctly Using Relationship To Prevent Multiple Entries

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all,

New to Airtable so my apologies if this is particularly easy to do!

I am moving some data that has been stored using Excel and the current spread sheet may have 8-10 rows of data that only differ by three columns - namely the Size, Material and Cost columns. A lot of the data that changes is based on the the Size, followed by the material.

As an example I have put something below to hopefully help.

[Name] - [Size 1] - [Colour 1] - [Cost]
[Name] - [Size 1] - [Colour 2] - [Cost]
[Name] - [Size 1] - [Colour 3] - [Cost]
[Name] - [Size 2] - [Colour 1] - [Cost]
[Name] - [Size 2] - [Colour 2] - [Cost]

As I mentioned there can be a couple of sizes and up to 10 colours and so the spreadsheet has over 800 rows for effectively 100 ish products.

I have tried a couple of ways of setting up the tables and relationships but I know there is a correct way to set this up and would lover to hear some suggestions.

Thanks in advance,
Craig :slightly_smiling_face:

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