Count how often (a part of) a string occurs

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

We’re migrating from Google Sheets to Airtable, and as such also have to migrate a lot of logic we have in use for automatically triggering Zaps, which we use to automate our email funnel. One such thing is to determine if a download is done by a new lead, a customer or someone in an organization that’s a customer. We only want to email those that are truly new downloaders.

We have the following tables:

  • Purchases; includes email amongst other stuff
  • Downloads; again an email is collected
  • Customers: both email fields from Purchases and Downloads are linked to here, creating one big list.

In Customers, I then use a formula to get the TLD (top level domain, the part after the @ in an email).

How do I count how often each unique TLD occurs, so I can filter on that integer?

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