Creating a progress bar within a table

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4 - Data Explorer


I have a small tutoring company and I use Airtable to manage my students. In my base, I have a main overview table with all my student’s information and a separate table for each student where I track individual progress. On these individual progress tables, each cell is a checkbox where I can click once a student has completed a given task. Is there a way to add a progress bar (represented by a percentage or fraction) into my overview table that updates as more checkboxes are clicked on the individual progress tables? I want to be able to have a big picture view of each students progress.

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Here’s one you can try.

That’s a good one. Here’s one that’s much simpler, it assumes you have a separate field called “Progress” that calculates the percent progress.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

This didn't quite work for me but I made some modifications that got it working:

For mine, the {Progress} output needs to be a fraction of 1, so 11% would output as .11 in the {Progress} field (can be formatted to appear as "11%" but the raw output needs to be .11).

With this, my progress bar formula looks like this:


  REPT("🟩",((ROUND({Progress} * 100, 0))-MOD(ROUND({Progress} * 100, 0),10))/10),
  REPT("️",10-(((ROUND({Progress} * 100, 0))-MOD(ROUND({Progress} * 100, 0),10))/10))


The main differences in mine are that I needed to round the {Progress} output to a whole number (e.g. in case the raw output of 11% is actually "0.11111111111"), and I changed the progress bar segments to use emoji squares.