Creating bookings for half day increments for many employees

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4 - Data Explorer


I would like to design a base that multiple managers can see which employees (labor hands) are available in half day increments (morning and afternoon). Ideally, managers have a running task list that is then assigned to an employee and all managers can see which time slots are taken and available. Currently a spreadsheet is used with 2 row entries per labor hand (morning and afternoon) and a column for each calendar day of the year. A tab is within the spreadsheet for the running task list and each task is given a number. That number is then assigned by typing in the appropriate cell to an employee for a specific date or dates for the morning and or afternoon. I’ve considered making an airtable with all calendar dates with 2 records each (morning and afternoon) then having a form created to send to each employee with their availability. The form isn’t allowing multiple dates to be selected. The problem is the ease of use with the spreadsheet for managers is high, meaning they can simply type in the cell. The main issue is someone must create new cells for each day of the year x 2 half days x each person. Additionally, importing the spreadsheet into airtable is time consuming and does not allow for up to date record tracking. I’ve attached a sample of the sign up sheet with one week of availability. The shaded boxes are for out of office days and the numbers represent a specific task.
Screenshot 2021-12-21 133722

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