CSV Import Extension - Please allow SAVING the Csv Import profile

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The CSV Import Extension is probably the most used extension for me on daily basis multiple times. I have about 6 different CSV templates that I import on almost daily basis and I am pleased how well it works… once it is setup.

The issue is, the CSV Import Extension doesn’t allow saving the import profile for a specific CSV template. Of course I can create separate copies of the CSV Import Extension but I already have 6 copies of the extension.

I read there are limits to how many extensions you can have installed. It says 20. But from what I read the number is limited to Airtable own extension but not to 3rd party extensions?

Anyhow, having multiple copies of the extension is not ideal if I could somehow load saved configuration of the extension when I am going to use it.

If I was using one extension for all imports, it wouldn’t work because the mapping will get messed up every time a difference CSV is imported.

Being able to save the configuration of the CSV Import Extension is also helpful to avoid accidental mess-up. Of course I can create a copy of the extension and keep it as a backup in a separate dashboard (called Extension backups in my case) but restoring it is pain, have to copy it, move it to difference dashboard etc.

And mess-up happens often - if I open wrong CSV file by the wrong copy of the CSV Import Extension, the CSV mapping gets screwed up.

If I could save and load the extension mapping configuration for each of the copy of the CSV Import Extension I have that would be great and save headache of having to back it up and restore it.

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