CSV Import Extension - Please allow SAVING the Csv Import profile

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The CSV Import Extension is probably the most used extension for me on daily basis multiple times. I have about 6 different CSV templates that I import on almost daily basis and I am pleased how well it works… once it is setup.

The issue is, the CSV Import Extension doesn’t allow saving the import profile for a specific CSV template. Of course I can create separate copies of the CSV Import Extension but I already have 6 copies of the extension.

I read there are limits to how many extensions you can have installed. It says 20. But from what I read the number is limited to Airtable own extension but not to 3rd party extensions?

Anyhow, having multiple copies of the extension is not ideal if I could somehow load saved configuration of the extension when I am going to use it.

If I was using one extension for all imports, it wouldn’t work because the mapping will get messed up every time a difference CSV is imported.

Being able to save the configuration of the CSV Import Extension is also helpful to avoid accidental mess-up. Of course I can create a copy of the extension and keep it as a backup in a separate dashboard (called Extension backups in my case) but restoring it is pain, have to copy it, move it to difference dashboard etc.

And mess-up happens often - if I open wrong CSV file by the wrong copy of the CSV Import Extension, the CSV mapping gets screwed up.

If I could save and load the extension mapping configuration for each of the copy of the CSV Import Extension I have that would be great and save headache of having to back it up and restore it.

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@itoldusoandso I was looking for a similar solution. For me, it appears that two separate instances of the extension installed in two separate dashboards will allow both to maintain separately maintain their previous mapping. 


Revised answer:

Yes creating a backup of the extension is the only way right now to save the configuration. If the backup of the extension is disabled it doesn't count towards the total number of extensions (for accounts with less than Pro/Enterprise).