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4 - Data Explorer

Hello. I’m trying to create a custom application for sending SMS from Airtable. Actually there already exist an app like that

but for some reasons I can’t use Twilio service. So I’ve got a code from telecom provider which I’m working with, and this code is working when I run it on my own computer, it sends SMS.
So I wrote the function in my Airtable custom app with this code, but it’s doesn’t work when I trying to call this function

function sendSMS(){
    const https = require('https');

    const data = JSON.stringify({
        auth: {apikey: 'API key'},
        data: {
            message: 'TEST.',
            sender: {text:'TEST'},
            recipients: [{phonenr:'+421XXXXXXXXX'}]

    const options = {
        hostname: '',
        port: 443,
        path: '/3/send_batch',
        method: 'POST',
        headers: {
            'Content-Type': 'application/json;charset=UTF-8',
            'Content-Length': data.length

    const req = https.request(options, res => {
        console.log(`statusCode: ${res.statusCode}`)
        res.on('data', d => {

    req.on('error', error => {console.error(error)});

What’s wrong with it?

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