Customers use a form to lookup their details (record) by entering telephone number..if there is a match, on submit, the customers details are emailed to them

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Sorry…I am swapping over from Jotform. I need a form where customers lookup their details (record) by entering telephone number…if there is a match, on submit, the customers details are emailed to them.

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Hi @Barry_Fitzhenry

This could be possibly done by using Linked Fields linked to table with phone numbers as the key. This way you use the Linked field on the form and it is possible to search through options in Linked Field on the form.

The drawback is does expose all numbers you have linked.

Since you want to send data to user after pressing “Submit” button, you could just let them enter the phone number first without worrying about lookup and after submission use automations to search if the phone number exists and take appropriate actions afterwards.

I hope this helps!

Thank you kindly. I’ll try the alternative, as yes, I’m using this as a verification method before giving the customers the (combination lock) codes. Jotform actually handles this quite well with hidden fields, except its data file is not dynamic and has to be copied over each day.

I am struggling to get airtable to find an existing record by phone number. (link) to the tenants code data, then send it to the tenants email.

Jotform will happily send copies of new entries to airtable, although, I would think the data could be just as easily entered straight into airtable and bypass jotform.

If I send you the practice files, can I pay you to create the necessary code?

Sure, I will DM you. The biggest obstacle in matching phone numbers might be the format in which the number is being entered, which might need some REGEX to unify.