data loss when switching from paid account to free account

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a paid account that I need to move to a free account. I created an inventory for a client that I don't want to lose access to, but that I don't need to update or change at all. It has more than 1GB of attachment data that I don't want to lose, but don't need to actively use. What will happen if I switch to a free plan? Will I just lose the ability to add anything, or will I lose data entirely or partially? Thank you!

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As far as I know, Airtable allows you to have access to everything that is already in your base, but you can’t add anything new. Although you may want to test this with a sample base and sample data to be sure.

I have not lost any data when moving bases to free workspaces, but I have not had any bases using that much attachment space. 

How much more than 1GB of data you do you have in attachments? Could you spread the data across multiple bases? For example, duplicate the base, then delete half the data in one base and the other half in the other base.