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4 - Data Explorer

Recently my database has been freezing or locking up. This is happening on multiple different users and computers. All are using Firefox latest version. Have made NO changes to Firefox other than the normal updates. No ad blockers, etc. Happens either in private or non-private mode. All computers are using fiber internet connections. No internet issues that I know of. It is happening on my office computer and my home computer.

I thought the issue was because my database was too large so archived unnecessary data. Database size is now 1.6GB / 2,223 records. It is still doing it.

The message I am getting is:

"This page is slowing down Firefox. To speed up the browser stop the page "

As of a day or so I started seeing the phrase “Saving (with spinning icon)”

I have submitted a request to support but have not really received any answer as of yet.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Darlene Brown

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Could be some problem with Airtable and Firefox. I would try it in Chrome or Safari or Edge and see if you get the same problems. Ultimately, though, Airtable Support is probably the only ones who can help figure out the problem.

Thanks for the input. Since I use PCs/Laptop vs MAC the only options would be Chrome or Edge. I prefer Firefox over Chrome and Edge. It has been working fine for the last year and half. I am wondering if in the last update with Airtable they did something and it is causing this. I have already submitted a ticket with Airtable support. Waiting on their response.

Thanks Again.