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4 - Data Explorer

Hi I am converting a Google sheet to Airtable. In Google sheet I have a formula that:

  1. Counts down 7 days from Last touch to 0, this acts as a reminder.
  2. If a follow up date is set, it counts down the number of days from the reminder date
  3. If certain conditions are met (e.g. dead/stop) shows '-"


You can see it working here:

The formula I am using is:

=if(and(F2>0,F2>E2),F2-today(),if(or(E2=0,C2=“11 - stop”,C2=“11 - dead”,C2=“09 - lead (Booked a call)”,C2=“10 - sale”,C2=“08 - email follow up sent”),"-",E2-today()+7))

Can you please help me to write this in Airtable?

Thank you

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Brilliant, thank you that worked!

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6 - Interface Innovator

This might work:

IF(AND(IS_AFTER({F2}, {E2}), IS_AFTER({F2}, TODAY())), DATETIME_DIFF({F2}, TODAY(), 'days'),IF(OR(LEN({C2}) = 0, {C2} = "11 - stop", {C2} = "11 - dead", {C2} = "09 - lead (Booked a call)", {C2} = "08 - email follow up sent", {C2} = "10 - sale"), "-", DATETIME_DIFF({E2}, TODAY(), 'days') + 7))

Here’s what the formula popup looks like with the above formula:


The resulting table:


I kept the field names using C2, E2, F2 etc. to make it easier to compare the formulas.

Once you’re satisfied the formula is working properly I would rename the fields to have better names (which will also automatically rename the fields in the formula for you).

Something like this:


Brilliant, thank you that worked!