DateAdd() & Weekday() stuck on Sunday

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I tried solving this but no avail.

If Payment Date falls on Friday(e:g 1/5), Saturday and Sunday, it should return a following Monday (1/8). If it’s Mon-Thu, keep the original date.

My Code:

IF(5-WEEKDAY({Payment Date})<=0, SWITCH( WEEKDAY({Payment Date}),
5, DATEADD({Payment Date}, 3, ‘days’),
6, DATEADD({Payment Date}, 2, ‘days’),
0, DATEADD({Payment Date}, 1, ‘days’)),
{Payment Date})

Somehow, everything is right, except Sunday. Whatever way to write the code, it keeps returning me Sunday’s date, in this case 1/7.

How can I solve this?

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Try this

   {Payment Date},
      WEEKDAY({Payment Date}),
      5, 3,
      6, 2,
      0, 1,

Hi Kamille_Parks,
I used your code and it still return as this .


Try turning on the “Use the same time zone (GMT) for all collaborators” option on {test}'s formatting settings.

Checked, but nothing changes. :thinking: