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Divide profit among employees who made the sale

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There is a field {Profit} (Currency), another {Contribution} (multi-select) field that records the employees working on a particular sale. Now in another [Employees] table, I want to display the total share of the profit they are taking depending upon which sales they were involved in.
For example in Table 1, if a sale of $100 is made by Employees A and B, both should earn $50.
If a sale of $150 is made By Employees A, B and C, all of them should earn $50.
And in the Employees table, I want to write the sum of their profit.

So it depends upon the Employees that I add in the multi-select field in the row of that particular sale. But how can I divide the profit among those employees only?

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Is your multi-select field a linked record field or a multiple-selects field? It should be a linked records field.

In the sales field, have a count field that counts the number of employees, and a formula field that divides the amount of the sale by the number of employees to find the pro-rated portion that each employee gets. (Or use s single rollup field that does both parts.)

Then in the employee table have a rollup if all the pro-rated portions.