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Dynamically duplicating fields between tables

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Is it possible to set up a table within a base that would duplicate the primary field of another table and that would automatically edit in tandem with that field in the other table? For example:

Say I am creating a database of countries. My first table is a list of all of those countries, populations, info about them, etc. Next I want to create an additional table that specifically focuses on proposals related to those countries. How can I assure that if I make an addition to my country name field on one table, it is also added to the other table? Thanks!

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I’m having this same issue.

If you’re hoping to track additional information for a country, it’s usually best not to create a new table but add that information to the existing table. You can then hide those fields (or limit the records) using views.

If you want to track different information that relates to countries (say their cities, with city population), you can create a new table and link the cities to their relevant countries.

Hope this helps


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