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Hi, I have a small business selling my own embroidery kits. I want to produce a detailed list of the contents of each kit, so when i need to make up more kits, I know exactly what goes into each one.

Each kits has multiple thread colours of differing amounts. I want to include the thread number and the amount of thread for that number, for example, colour 386, 2m, colour 000, 1m and so on. At the moment the kits have limited numbers of threads and so I could just add multiple columns (thread 1, thread 2 etc), but once I get past 5 or so colours this may become onerous and unwieldy. Is there an alternative anyone can suggest?

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Hi @Tase_Woolf,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

The best way to do so is make each item a record, have a field where you choose the Kit number, link all the items to the relevant kit, choose the qty.

Get the idea?


I’m afraid I don’t think I do. Do you mean create another table listing all the embroidery threads and link the tables? How do I then add the length required? It will be different amounts within the kit and between kits

Well, basically you will create all the items you have in all the kits in a new table.

Then make a table with the kits and link the items to this table. Each item will also have its separate record in this table. In this record you can include the qty.

So for example, you have a total 100 items, in 20 kits. You will have a table of the 100 items and a table for the 20 kits (the 100 items will be linked in the table of the 20 kits).

You can then group the Kits table by Kit name, you will see all the items inside this kit.

If you need more help, please share your table.


Ah, the penny has dropped! Thank you, I understand now . Appreciate you taking the time to assist :blush: