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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hi there -

Whom can I speak with about upgrading to an enterprise plan? We have 25k requests totaling ~100k evacuees from Ukraine and need to improve the processes and record keeping a bit.

Currently working with Slack Enterprise, Zapier Enterprise, AWS, GCP, Notion, etc.

Thanks in advance.

  • Rose
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Hi Rose, I know that Airtable’s support can be quite slow in responding. But usually if you try to reach out after login, someone should respond eventually.

Should you need any help with your Airtable setup, I’m happy to look over it / give advice pro bono. I’ve been working as an Airtable consultant for quite a while now and would like to help with the situation in Ukraine. Just let me know.

Hi Rupert - Thanks so much for offering to help! The biggest problem we are running into right now is that the database is overlimts. Not sure how we can allow it to be functional without losing info.

Please email me at

I can help also, I’m working with large Enterprise set of projects and maybe can suggest something useful. I’ll contact you by mail

Thank you, Alexey - We have a specific vetting process to work on the project.

Can you sign-up here: UkraineNow - Help Ukraine

And/or email my project email once you sign-up: so I can prioritize it?

It would be helpful if there is an enterprise plan we can share. We are already way over the limits

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello Rose,
Were you able to get nonprofit license from Airtable? We are in the same situation managing Ukrainian displaced people. What solution do you use?