Equivalent of FileMaker 'Find Mode'?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Is there a way to Filter records within the Grid view based on a search within the table itself? In the same way that ‘Find Mode’ allows this in FileMaker with Command-F.

Thank you!

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Welcome to the community, @G_Brown!

As far as I know, I am the world’s only Claris FileMaker Pro expert and Airtable consultant.

What specific feature of FileMaker’s command-F are you looking for?

In Airtable:

  1. Airtable uses filters to perform finds.
  2. You can create different views to “save” different finds.
  3. You can also press command-F in Airtable to highlight a matching phrase on your screen, but only if it currently appears somewhere on your screen.
  4. Be careful: Airtable’s “is” filter is case sensitive, while FileMaker is never case sensitive unless you tell it to be.

If you’re switching from FileMaker to Airtable for the first time, one thing to note is that 99% of FileMaker’s features are not available in Airtable. I gave a talk about this in December 2020 to FMDiSC, the world’s largest group of FileMaker developers. That link will take you directly to the part where I start talking. Airtable has come a long way since December 2020, but it is still no FileMaker.

And since you are brand new to Airtable, you may benefit greatly from my free Airtable training course: