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4 - Data Explorer


I’m wanting to know if its possible to have a single extension access multiple bases concurrently?

My situation involves analyzing more than 50k records at a time and generating a graph based on those records. I will have 15+ bases and each are identical in structure. Each base has 50k records (pro plan). General structure of those bases is listed below (or you can see the base directly). The bases I am sharing just show a few rows (not 50k) to make this problem easier to review.

I know a synced table is what would generally allow you to sync multiple bases into 1. I’ve confirmed if I do that I can achieve the desired graphs/extensions in a single base (provided the record limit is not exceeded). But even with a pro plan I am limited to 50k records for the base, even if those records are synced. So this is not feasible.

Is there an alternative way that would work better? Right now I am considering using a local database to host and store my raw data. And then I would use Airtable to pull from and do analysis on that data. But my preference would be to have everything in Airtable.

Please let me know if there is a better community I should post this in!

Community 1 base: Airtable - Community1 – This has the extension active that shows the graph I want.
Community 2 view: Airtable - Community2

Link showing the sync limit contributions: Airtable Sync - FAQs | Airtable Support
I am a little confused as to the note about daisy chain links mentioned in the above. If someone has an example of that would be helpful!

Base: Community1. Table: Reviews
Product ID: Unique ID for the product. There are many reviews for each Product iD.
Rating: Integer
Count: Integer
Type of Rating: Single select

Base 2 (“Community2”) would follow the same structure.

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

It’s certainly possible to add the same extension to multiple bases, but I think what you are asking for is to have the extension in base Community1 operate on data from both Community1 and Community2.

If I’ve understood you correctly, then I’m afraid this isn’t possible. You are correct that you can sync data from Community2 to Community1 and then the extension in Community1 could see it and operate on it. However, this won’t get around the record limit.

Hi Nathaniel,

Correct that is what I’m aiming for.