Field data appearing with coloured background

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I am trying to set up information documents for clients in page designer (Summary sheet with address and standardised info)
but when I import from fields in the airtable, some of the standardised fields appear with their coloured background.

This looks unprofessional as it is obvious that it is an imported field. I am not able to change it in the formatting. Hopefully I am missing something really obvious! - can anyone help?

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In Page Designer, you set colors in the left margin.

Hi @scottworld, Thanks for your reply - I tried editing this in the left margin but it doesn’t remove the coloured background. I can take the colours off in the table itself but the background still appears in grey.
Is there anywhere else I can change how this appears?
Thank you

Post a screenshot of what you see.