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Doing a search on "fill in PDF forms", I see that some Airtable users have asked for PDF form features beyond what Airtable currently offers. We have completed a new PDF forms only solution that may help.

Our new solution adds value to fill in PDF forms by making them easy to: upload, fill, save, duplicate, retrieve, sort, combine, email, print, and fill to other forms. It also allows you to invite someone else to help you complete any form. A log automatically keeps track of who makes what changes to each form.

If you or your users need to work with fill in PDF forms, please try our new solution at:

The site includes a few short videos that demonstrate how to use the software. Currently, it can be used along side Airtable. We are also open to integrating with Airtable. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. 

Dean Westover, President

Choices Software, Inc.

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Thank you for sharing information about your product. You state that your service can be used "along side" and that you are "open to integrating with Airtable" Does that mean that currently usage is limited to manually copy/pasting data between the two programs. Do you have a means of automatically generating filled in PDF files without any manual steps, or with at most a single button click? Do you have an API? If you allow for automated document processing, are there limits on the number of documents per month?


Thank you for your reply. There may be potential for synergism between your Prefilled Form extension and our FillinPDF solution. If interested in discussing, please click the "Contact" link at the top of our website at: