Finding schedule conflicts when one of your columns contains more than 1 day of the week, but not always

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this isn’t the right spot.

I have a table with many columns and 150 rows. In the slew of columns that I have, I have 3 that I am trying to compare to find duplicates (indicating classes that are scheduled in the same room, on the same day, with the same start time) using the de-dupe app currently.

The room column is a text string that is identical for the room.
The time column is a start time in military time.
The day of the week column is giving me trouble - It uses M,T,W,R,F but also includes MW, TR, WF as a meeting pattern.

Is there a way to look for duplicates that are in the same room, with the same start time, but where the day of the week column contains a matching character? I tried splitting the MW manually, but it was time-consuming and didn’t end up giving me the result I want- it still couldn’t see there was conflict when the room and start time were the same but the “day of the week” column contained a matching character (ie- didn’t recognize that M and MW have a conflict).

I can group the data by room and visually look at it that way, but I’d love a more automated way to look for duplicates.


Thanks in advance!

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