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I’m evaluating Airtable for use in my organization.

One question came to mind: How transferable are Airtable accounts and subscriptions?

I ask because of the potential circumstance where one of my co-workers moves on from our company, and a replacement comes in. I can’t just give the new employee the old employee’s login - their name would display incorrectly when making edits and comments on our records.

We also take on internships pretty consistently. The same problem is present in that circumstance too.

Opening a new account every time we take on someone new is problematic in its own way as well.

Other programs have floating licenses or otherwise that ensures a process like this is smooth. Does Airtable have anything in place like this?

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Airtable’s billing system is set up very well to accommodate this. There are no “licenses” tied to user accounts.

Rather, you will have what’s called a “workspace” within which you will create any databases you need. That workspace will be “owned” by a single user account - that ownership is easily transferable if needed. The “owner” has access to billing settings and sets up billing info. The workspace will be charged for a single “Pro” subscription at a rate of $24 per month, per user with comment privileges or higher. So if there are 4 users with access to either the workspace or any single base within the workspace, the initial charge will be for $96.

Let’s say half way through the first month, user4 leaves the company — simply remove their user account from the workspace/bases, and they will no longer have access. At the next billing cycle, you will find your charge for the next month will be $72 (3 users) MINUS the prorated rebate of user4’s unused days in the previous month.

Let’s say halfway through the next month user5 joins your team. You invite their account to have access to the workspace/bases. At the next billing cycle, you will find your charge for the next month will be $96 (4 users) PLUS the prorated cost of user5’s days from the previous month.

I believe Airtable prorates to the day, but it could possibly even be prorated to the hour. Not sure.

I see! After poking around based on what you said I can now see there’s a “Billable collaborators” field associated with my Pro workspace, which is exactly what I’d need. Thanks for your help.