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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve created a form to accept job applicants into our airtable ATS. When I try to test it, I can fill out the first few fields, and then when clicking on the 4th entry box (enter linkedin profile link–link field, not required) the form goes completely blank. The whole thing disappears. Any clue?

Also: happens in Chrome, not Safari. Safari works as expected.

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Are you testing in the actual public form view, or still within the drag-n-drop form view editor?

The public form view. I sent the link to a co-worker who had the same experience, also in Chrome.

Is it still happening? Airtable was down for a short while earlier today, which might have accounted for it. If it is still happening I would contact since this sounds like a bug.

Yes, it’s been happening since last night, and still happening. I’ll try support@ thanks