Forms: Using Conditionals with Same Data Source

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I'm trying to have the viewer select a job field in a form (post-production, design, etc.)
Based on that selection the next entry would be a limited selection of our main record field "primary role" (editor, producer,etc.). I'm able to do this easily, however, if I duplicate this limited selection and change the conditions to another job field (visual arts, culinary) then change the limited selection, the "primary role" field becomes a copy and no longer allows input into the same "primary role" field.

'Creative Field' selection (POST-PRODUCTION, DESIGN, etc.)

if user selects DESIGN

'primary role' selection is limited to those relevant to DESIGN based on conditions met with the selection within 'Creative Field'

how can I change those limited 'primary roles' to reflect the other 'Creative Field' POST-PRODUCTION.

It will let me duplicate the 'primary role' block in forms but any selections in this new block are not added to the main 'primary roles' field when submitted (instead leaving it blank) and I notice at the top of the block where the field name is it says 'primary roles copy'. If I try to change this to 'primary roles' it gives me an error that it needs to be a unique field name.


I'd rather not list the 128 'primary roles' in 1 dropdown but rather use conditions to show certain ones when a 'creative field' is selected. I also don't want to split the roles into groups within the database because some roles could be in both selection buckets. Am I going about this all wrong? Seems like a simple idea.



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That feature is not yet possible in Airtable's forms, but they said that it is coming soon for linked record fields (not multiple select fields).

So in the meantime, you would need to do that with Fillout's advanced forms for Airtable, which supports this feature for linked record fields.