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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey there,

I’m hoping to create 1 “exported” word doc from Airtable using Formstack.

I need to use information from multiple tables within one base. I understand that Formstock requires all information to be exported from 1 table, so I have created linked fields.

As shown below, my “Vendor-Main View” contains ALL information I’ll want to include in a pre-formatted Formstack document. I’ve linked cells from Documents/Interactions, Brand Analysis, etc to Vendor-Main View and created lookup fields.

Here’s my issue: It doesn’t seem like Airtable is able to attribute cells to specific fields. For instance: In my Documents/Interactions tab, I have check marks next to AXA Analysis/Line Review and Items have begun selling. I also have an attachment on AXA Analysis/Line Review. When I link those records to my main doc, it just shows up as two check marks, rather than a check mark (or attachment) associated to a specific row. It should be able to show the check mark / attachment / date/time of completion for that specific row. Essentially I need multiple rows to be in one document but maintain their attributes.

I need to be able to show in a doc:

  • Vendor (Example - Dunder Mifflin)
  • Document (Example: Brand Analysis)
  • Details about that document (details from the Brand Analysis doc related to Dunder Mifflin)

My questions:

  1. Is Formstack the right tool to be using?
  2. Do I need to integrate another third party tool to make this happen?
  3. Could Page Designer in Airtable Pro’s blocks be a better option? (I am paying for the pro version)





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Have you investigated the Formstack Documents Block that is built into Airtable?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Yes, I didn’t find the answer to this question there.