Formula that totals multiple numbers in another column (numbers are pulled in from linked record)

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4 - Data Explorer

My table, Table A is called “UX Debt Log”. I’m using a few columns to help create a prioritizing system for the individual records in this log.

In Table A, column C, “Pages Affected”, is linked to Table B which is called “Page Title List and Values”. The cells column C allow multiple values.

The next column, column D (“Pageview Value”) is a Lookup column, so it looks up the pages I’ve entered in column C, and returns the total pageviews for each of those pages. Thus, the cells in this column also allow multiple values.

What I need is to total the numbers pulled into column D. Is there a way to do this either within column D, or perhaps in a column E (such as column “Total Pageview Value” shown in screenshot below) where I could make that column a formula column and it would end up creating a formula that would total up the numbers in the cell to it’s left? For example, E1 would total all numbers in D1 (reminder, D1 has multiple numbers, pulling from linked table)?

If so, any suggestion on the correct formula would be very helpful. I’ve been unable to find the right answer or formula in my own searching so far.

Screenshot below of Table A and 3 columns mentioned above:
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 4.57.21 PM

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Well, as usual, after searching for a while with no luck, I search again after posting the question and found the answer. This link explaining how to create a Rollup column and use the SUM(values) formula did the trick, in case this helps someone else.