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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All . i have i hope a simple question
I have a single select where my employees can choose a size of a product .
in the next field i have a price field and the next is a amount field and the last is a formular to get the price

this works as it should .

my question now , is there a way to give discount if we choose more than one in amount

for example i want to add a 50 % discount if anyone chooses 2 in amount . is this possible in Airtable ?

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The formula would be something like:

{Price} * 
      "1", 1,
      "2", .5,

The above formula is multiplying the {Price} field by 1 if: the {Amount} field is empty, or if the {Amount} field is anything but "2". If {Amount} is "2" it will multiply the {Price} by .5.

If you need to add more discounts (i.e. 75% off for 3), then add "3", .75, to the line below `“2”, .5"