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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi! I have a base with start date, end date and completion date. When setting the Gannt I have start date and end date that create “a line”. However, I wanted to see also something on the Gantt that gives me when that activity was completed. I was thinking about setting that as milestone but it is not posible. I know that I can color the category as eg. green to see that is completed but I want to see WHEN. Any suggestion is highly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Hmm, may I know what issues you faced while trying to use a milestone for this?

(I can’t think of any way to do what you’re looking for and am thus trying to see if I can help make the milestone thing possible instead. Hopefully someone else has an idea!)

Yes, as Adam mentioned above, milestones can be set in both the Gantt views and Timeline views by specifying an end date but no start date for a particular record.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thanks Adam and Scott. I need for sure to have a start and end date. The idea was to somehow highlight when the tasked is completed somewhere in the Gantt chart. Do you have any idea on how to do this? I don’t want to modify the end date as I want to continue having that insight of the completion of the task before the planned end date. Thanks in advance

Hi Elena, I would just end up creating two records for each task I think. Not the most elegant of solutions, but seems to be the only way to do it

Consider the following scenario where I have Task 1 and it’s data is as follows:

  • Started on 1 May
  • Planned end date of 5 May
  • Actual end date of 6 May

I would end up with two records:

  • Record 1:
    • Name: Task 1
    • Start Date: 1 May
    • End Date: 5 May
  • Record 2:
    • Name: Task 1 Completion Date
    • Start Date: [EMPTY]
    • End Date: 6 May