Generating Incremental Dates using a Linked Field as a var in a formula

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4 - Data Explorer

I am working on automating a workflow that includes dates. I have a Task Specifications Table that defines the phase of work, the different tasks for that phase and associates estimated time frames for each task. For Example the first phase would be Onboarding and it would contain 4 tasks. So when a new person enters the system and I select the check box it adds four records to the Onboarding process table. From the creation date I wanted to be able to generate due dates referencing the estimated time frame from Task Spec Table. The tables are linked by the task name and subsequently looks up the estimated time frame. I have tried DATEDD({TaskName},+{TaskDuration},‘days’) and I get an error. If I type in the number from the Task Table associated with TaskDuration: DATEDD({TaskName},+3,‘days’) then it works. Any thoughts?

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Unfortunately, Automations don’t allow formulas. I would email to ask them about adding this feature into Airtable.

Unless you scripted this with your own custom JavaScript, you would need to create the formulas in your Airtable base as separate formula fields. Then, you can have your Automation pull the data from those new formula fields that you just created.