Geocode addresses with Positionstack api

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello, i have an airtable table where i have addresses, i am looking to get coodinates (lat-long) from them, after doing many researches i found some paid airatble extensions but also a platform called positionstack that offer a free plan to achieves geocoding. They have an api to do it remotely.

seems that it need to call it from airtable but i don not have any idea how to do it,

here is an example for google sheet :!C2:C11+++

Any idea how to do this on airtable ?

here the api doc page : API Documentation - positionstack

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That’s cool! What are you going to be using the geocoding for?

To make API calls from Airtable, you can either:
(1) write your own JavaScript scripts,
(2) use the extension, or
(3) use the HTTP tool from

There might be other tools that offer this functionality, too.

Hey Jan, if you’re comfortable with scripting you can just use fetch and grab it. You can either do it via a scripting extension and activate it with a button, or, if you’re on a Pro plan, with an automation and run a script

If you’re not comfortable with scripting, you should use one of the options Scott mentioned such as Make or Datafetcher