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Hi there, simple question I hope.
I have the Maps Block and to use it I have a geocode field which is aligned with my suburbs. There are a significant number of records in it which is taking a long time to load.
I have these suburbs linked across many tables in my base.
I’m just wondering, because it takes so long to load these codes, can I just have the one table with the geocodes, then for all other linked tables, can I use a lookup for the geocode? Or do I have to leave it blank for it to be auto-populated on all tables?
Hope this makes sense!

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Can anyone help here?
I have now tried to create a map block based on a different table where the geocode is a lookup of the main geocode field on a different table, and the geocode field on the different table is greyed out as an option to choose :frowning:
As is the Suburb field (which is a linked field to the main table)
So from what I can see, you can’t use map blocks with either lookups or linked fields?

Did you find an answer to this? I would like to know.

Afraid not Robert. I’d really love a solution