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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a base to keep track of my gas expenses and want to get statistics. The one table I have has these fields:
$ per gallon
Total (calculated as Gallons * $ per gallon)
Month-Year (calculated as YEAR(Date) + “-” + MONTH(Date))…I know, it should really be called year-month.

If I group it by Month-Year, I can see totals per month, average price, etc.
But I would like to have another table that gives the statistics at a glance. Is it possible to present the totals in a new table like:

2017-5 $55.00
2017-6 $37.00
2017-7 $28.00

Avg Overall: $42.00

That way I could see at a glance how things are going month-by-month.
Any ideas how to do that?


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