Group of people sharing a number of cars

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

New user. Can i use Airtable for this?

  • a bunch of people going for a weekend trip (lets say 20 people with full names and phone numbers)
  • some of them are drivers and will take the car and will have 3-4-5-etc extra seats for the rest of the non-drivers
  • what i want is a table that will give people the option to join a car within the available seats of that particular car. if CAR 3 has 3 seats available, only 3 can be booked and so on


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Hi @Lucian_Marin - does this work for you?

Allows you to enter car details, people details and assign a person as the driver of a car. Then you can assign people to cars and it calculates how many seats passenger remain.

Lots of other ways to do this too I imagine.