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Help with filters - Condition groups

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Hello all -

I am struggling a little with filter condition groups. Basically I want to show records that match the following :slightly_smiling_face:

Type is “Travel”
Venue is A and Stage is 1
Type is “Travel”
Venue is B and Stage is 2

In other words - only ever show entries that are Type = Travel, then only show entries that are either (Venue = A and Stage = 1 OR Venue - B and Stage = 2)

I don’t want to show entries that are Venue = A and Stage = 2 - and I don’t want to show entries that are Venue = B and Stage = 1

This always does my brain in!

Any help appreciated - have tried several times!

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Apoligies - I think I did it - but I made a right meal of it! Does this look correct / the best way?
Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 3.06.05 pm