Hiding Rows in different Views

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Would be great to have the ability to hide rows in certain views. It can be in this drop-down box.


For our line of work it would help since there are hundreds of item/rows and with multiple people’s view, they do not need to see every line. This will make the multiple views clean and easier to manage. I myself manage multiple views for other people and I know with the way AT is now, it seems overwhelming with so much information facing them. This would happen of course, without actually affecting the “Main” Database. I realize that in Personal views, you can rearrange rows and columns, but any deleting will delete from the Main view. Hence why hiding rows seems to be the next best option.

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Does using the filter/sort not address your issue?

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Actually, YES! Thank you! We were using it in a different way but this does make sense for now.

The filtering options a very powerful - you can combine different filters with “And” or “Or” statements to drill down to exactly the rows you need to see.